domingo, 4 de abril de 2010


to come back to a hotel room reminds how tourist you are in a city. As I've been traveling lately for my friends' houses I had forgoten how distant from a city a hotel room can be. not only geographically, of course. To come back to somebody's place, on the other hand, just keeps the experience going. There is food from the supermarket, there is the laundry to do, there is the computer with the email from work, a kitchen, the neighbors, a key. A hotel room is apart from all the real life, it is not part of the city. it could, even, be anywhere - as many are, actually... you've seen once, you've seen them all. there is a bed, a tv, a shower and generic paints on the wall, if much. a white canvas of interest and place. maybe is it also a non-place?

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