quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

The tourist: a new theory of leisure class

chapter 6 "The semiotic of attraction"
Dean ManCannell

TOURISM: critical concepts in the social sciences

chapter: "McDisneyization and Post-tourism" (George Ritzer adn Allan Liska)
in the book Tourism: critical concepts in the social sciences (Stephen Williams)


do I give credits to google books? :P

quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010


urban snapshots

whale hunting


a nice (and many different) way of depicting an event: the whale hunt

domingo, 4 de abril de 2010


to come back to a hotel room reminds how tourist you are in a city. As I've been traveling lately for my friends' houses I had forgoten how distant from a city a hotel room can be. not only geographically, of course. To come back to somebody's place, on the other hand, just keeps the experience going. There is food from the supermarket, there is the laundry to do, there is the computer with the email from work, a kitchen, the neighbors, a key. A hotel room is apart from all the real life, it is not part of the city. it could, even, be anywhere - as many are, actually... you've seen once, you've seen them all. there is a bed, a tv, a shower and generic paints on the wall, if much. a white canvas of interest and place. maybe is it also a non-place?

sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

tv travel shows

"back packing" mtv brazil in south africa
it is not only about the place, but about the host of the show..
"on a square, hot weather, playing soccer... south africa, it feels like home"
vergonha alheia da "garota de ipanema"

amsterdam according to youtube

"amsterdam is less intimidating if you visit the tourist information center"
"you can always take a guided tour"
it is pretty much a collection of pictures, not a movie - unless towards the end - and then it gets weird...
subjects: how to get around, drugs, red light, canals, tiesto.

another collection of pictures
subjects: dam, canals, historical images, drugs, red light district, bikes, dutch masters.


another slide show
pretty boring, didnt watch it all


I have never seen it, but have never seen it anywhere else... pretty cool,tho ;P


coffeeshop - a stoned recording


another one


red light

what the hell happens with the soundtracks???? why are they all bad?
well, you cant see much in this video


cheese and red light


no connection between the images
slideshow again
tulips, canals, trash (!! so what??), dam, doves (blergh), weed, trams


no moving camera
collection of panoramas
the dam
this video is moving thru the city, but still in different takes
no soundtrack, just the sound of the city


lonely planet