sábado, 13 de março de 2010

on a plane

Flying to Barcelona I was erroneously, I guess, given a sit place in the middle of a group excursion. I was in the middle of many many "typical" tourists. They were happy. very happy. the were constantly smiling, talking to each other, making jokes and finding everything very exciting, even the most boring simple things. and, apparently, they had all just met.
they were enjoying and having a good time. why is it that people smiling is "disturbing"? they were more "stupid" than the other passengers because they were talkative, happy and taking pictures?
There was a guide with them, making sure they were ok.
they were reading travel guides.
and the sir sitting next to me was constantly trying to chat with me. he had a 180 smile.
I just wanted to sleep actually.

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